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Innovative Chip PCBA Solutions Company

We adhere to the product direction of being driven by technology and focusing on long-cycle, high-barrier, Power+MEMS+ complete solutions;

We use chip-level integration capabilities to promote PCBA chipization, simplify the design process, make the production process fool-proof, and verticalize the supply chain integration;

Our goal is to provide complete consumer and commercial solutions with the best cost performance.


National intellectual property


National Patent


15 years of chip design experience


The scientific research team from Huawei, TI, and ST.


Integrated circuit layout design


Utility model patents

Core Business

Vape PCBA Solutions

Vape PCBA Solutions

Disposable E-cigarette Solutions | Pod System E-cigarette Solutions |
ASIC Solutions | MCU Solutions

BMS Solutions home

BMS Solutions

BMS Hardware Protection Board | BMS Software Protection Board

Modules Solutions

Electronic Cigarette Modules | Electric Toothbrush Modules
| Capacitive Pen Modules | Capacitor Cell Battery

Consumer Electronics Products

Consumer Electronics Products

AA Lithium Ion Battery | GaN Chargers

Service & Capabilities

PCBA Solution Design

PCBA Solution Design

Provide the design and development of smaller, more economical, and highly integrated PCBA circuit boards to meet the current market demand for mini, thin, and portable electronic devices.

ASIC Chip Design

ASIC Chip Design

Fully customized and semi-customized designs are provided, which are lower cost, stronger performance and higher reliability than general-purpose chips to target the specific needs of more professional users.

Chip Scale Packaging

Chip Scale Packaging

Provide highly reliable multi-chip system-level heterogeneous integrated packaging solutions, allowing the boundaries of smart applications to transcend the constraints of chip manufacturing processes.

Core Advantages

Space Optimization

Through chip-level packaging and integration technology, the finished product assembly space is saved and more components or accessories with other functions can be accommodated.


It greatly reduces the cost and assembly steps of chips, boards, etc., improves assembly efficiency, and reduces labor and machinery costs.

Quality Improvement

We can effectively improve the level of automated assembly in the workshop, the consistency of products is greatly enhanced, and the production yield rate is also increased accordingly.

Mature Models

Relying on the group's packaging and testing factory, KOOM adopts a comprehensive 4+1 service model to provide a new and excellent experience.


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For a complete overview of our ordering and testing process, please refer to our service process (flowchart).

We offer customized sample services, and the sampling process takes 7 working days.

You will need to provide specific functional requirements and the PCB board layout diagram (indicating component height zones).

Our main control chips and core components are independently developed, fabricated, and tested by the Huawei HiSilicon Group.

We have obtained certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14000, and ISO45001.

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